Interview for the largest Polish weekly magazine about the situation of Christians in Iraq.

Go?? Niedzielny covercover (1)Ziyad Raoof the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland, gave an interview for magazine “Go?? Niedzielny.” It’s magazine of Catholic profile, and it’s worth mentioning that it’s the most popular magazine in Poland, read by approximately 150,000 people.

Leading theme of the latest issue of “Go?? Niedzielny” dated July 31 is tragic situation of Christians in Iraq. Number is entitled “Church in Iraq is dying.” Due to this topic Ziyad Raoof gave an interview for newspaper, entitled “Kurds for Christians.” He emphasized that Kurdistan Regional Government make every effort to help Christians, fleeing from Mosul and surrounding areas. He mentioned about severe repressions they have been subjected by ISIS.

At the same time Representative of KRG to Poland stipulated that although our authorities and Kurds themselves are doing what they can to ensure dignified life and safety for Christian refugees, passivity of the Iraqi government and huge amount of refugees from Syria and other parts of Iraq force Kurds to call for greater involvement of international community. Ziyad Raoof mentioned that in cooperation with Polish authorities, NGOs and Church hierarchy he would like to organize relief efforts.

In addition to interview with Ziyad Raoof, also appeared article in the same issue – about the extermination of Christianity in Iraq, “The Church in Iraq is dying.” In this text glorious role of Kurds in current situation is also highlighted. One paragraph of the article is entitled “Hope in Kurdistan.” Author mentions readiness to receive Christians, expressed by Kurdish authorities, and notes that ” Kurds persecuted for centuries fully understand suffering of Christians.”

Interview in magazine “Go?? Niedzielny” is another part of campaign for drawing attention of Polish public opinion and authorities to fate of refugees in Kurdistan Region. Last week, Ziyad Raoof met in this issue with Metropolitan of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, and next week he has further meetings scheduled, among others in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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