Imam of Kirkuk: attacks against Christians are “against Islam”

kirkuk_immagine1.jpgKirkuk (AsiaNews) – Strong condemnation of the attacks against Christians was launched today from Kirkuk’s Mosques. AsiaNews sources in the northern Iraqi city recount that during the traditional Friday prayers Imam’s described the episodes which saw two car bombs detonated outside the Chaldean cathedral and Syro-Orthodox Church of Mar Ephrem on January 9th as “contrary to Islam”.

Some Muslim religious leaders, “shocked and saddened” by the event, recalled the “positive role” carried out by the Chaldean archdiocese in promoting and maintaining dialogue between the city’s diverse ethnic groups and the “respect” which Christians show them during the holy month of Ramadan. The Imam’s underlined with great force that “attacks of this nature are alien to religion” moreover they do “grave damage to Islam itself”. Since yesterday numerous representatives from the Muslim community have made their way to the residence of the Archbishops of Kirkuk Msgr. Louis Sako, to express their solidarity.

Wednesday’s car bombs caused only material damage, which has already been repaired. Four private homes were also damaged in the explosions, all belonging to Muslim families. The Archdiocese contributed to their restoration. Today, it is snowing in Kirkuk, and among the people of that city it is said that Heaven is sending a sign of peace for the Nation.