I’m Irked

Diary Entry by Suzana Megles
Today I’m irked from everything re our citicism of President Barak Obama- to the deprivation of religious freedom in Iraq -to the CEO of Bank America – to a crass comment on my post re rodeos.


I’d better write this today because I’m irked on a number of fronts. First of all, I cringe when I hear people criticize President Barak Obama. I see him as an exceptional man. In my view he is gifted, kind, and hard-working. So I am dismayed when people try to tear him down.

Re his trillion dollar budget –stop bellyaching. If you have a better plan, why haven’t we heard about it? It took 8 years to get us in this mess. Hopefully, it won’t take that much time to get us out of it , but–until that time when, and if he is proven wrong on his policies –we should give him a chance.

Re those people who think it is unfair to raise the taxes of those making
$250,000 or more, I will gladly change incomes with any one of them. Mine is $17,000 a year. I would gladly give more if I could because I recalled that President Obama in one of his speeches said that we all have to make sacrifices. Sadly, it’s all right for some – but not for me!

Today on ABC News – it showed the CEO of Bank America coming in to
Washington on a corporate jet which costs $5000 per trip. And of course, whose money is being used? Ours. Why don’t you people who critizice Pres. Obama direct your criticism to people like him? It would have cost $400 on a regular airplane. I submit that the government send him a bill for $4600 which he can well afford and we the US taxpayer can’t.

I don’t remember where I saw on TV this Christian Iraqi being tortured to recant- but I think it is disgraceful that after pouring billions of dollars to make Iraq ‘democratic’ – THEY HAVE NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION FOR CHRISTIANS. Yes, I’m very upset about this. And to add injury to insult it was said that Christians were allowed to worship when Saddam Hussein was in power.

This persecuted man when released took refuge in Kurdistan with other
Christians who relocated there. I submit that if they don’t change the policies re religious freedom of the Malaki government – then Kurdistan should be allowed to become independent. Whether they can make it on their own – I don’t know, but I certainly think we should use some of the oil revenues from Iraq to help them become independent. I’m still chaffing at the bit re this infringement on religious freedom.

And lastly but not least – I was shocked that oped let a comment go with the offending word “sh*t” referring to my post re the cruelty of rodeos. And she even had the “audacity” to call them humane. I’m not going to go into my post here but I simply told her that the first line with the offending word was enough
for me. And I also suggested that she go back stage after the rodeo to see the suffering of some of the animals as a result of this “humane” exhange between man and animal. One thought always comes to mind when I think rodeo – and that’s when I see a frightened calf running from the cowboy on horse back who is gunning down on him and violently jerks the lasso on his tender little neck causing whiplash if not a broken neck. How sad – that she considers this humane.

I have been concerned about animal suffering ever since
I received my first puppy Peaches in 1975. She made me take a good look at the animal kingdom and I was shocked to see how badly we treat so many animals. At 77, I’ve been a vegan for the past 30 years and I thank God every day that I am. I am most disturbed at how little the Catholic Church and Christian churches generally give to concern re animal suffering in their ministry. I wrote to 350 bishops in 2001 and only 10-13 responded. I feel that the very least they can do is to instruct that the priests give one sermon a year on compassion to animals. I am still waiting for that sermon. I also belong to Catholic Concern for Animals – founded in England in 1929. (They are on the internet) I recently sent a sample copy of their bi-monthly publication called the ARK to the 8 Catholic bishops of Ohio. Only ONE kindly responded. Somehow we have to reach the Christian teaching magisterium. There is next to nothing re animal concerns and compassion for them. They basically believe that animals are the lesser of God’s creation and that gives us the right to do anything we want to them. Way wrong. We need to change their mindsets. The animals are God’s first and He expects us to treat them compassionately.