Hundreds of Syrian Christians flee Islamic State

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Ethan Gray
Two hundred thirty Syrians, including at least 60 Christians, were feared to be captured by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) near Syrian village Al-Qaryatain in Central Syria.
The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the executions include those of children and women, and are carried out mostly by beheading, shooting or stoning.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has kidnapped roughly 250 people, including dozens of Christians, after taking the Syrian town of Qaryatain near Homs.

Analyst Charles Lister follows Syria closely and says the episode “is not a particularly good indicator in terms of these forces’ capabilities, in terms of protecting themselves against potential adversaries”.

The threat to Yazidis in Iraq prompted President Obama to begin US airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group on August. 8, 2014. But a year later, the Islamic State group remains able to launch attacks across its self-declared “caliphate” in both countries, despite some gains by Kurdish fighters and allied Iraqi forces. The hood is meant to protect the swimmer’s face from sun tan, sting injury of jellyfish and insolation.

According to a book published last week – Unmanned: Drones, Data and the Illusion of ideal Warfare, by William Arkin – the U.S. now has well over 11,500 drones, as well as unmanned land vehicles and unmanned sea craft. It was the latest in a series of deadly attacks across the country. The militants took the Christian members as hostage on Wednesday as part of their effort to take over the area surrounding Homs and target the city after that, according to Christian Today (CT). “They will be, because you know the barbarians are always defeated by civilization and the few by the many, the evil by the good – so I don’t have any doubt that we will win”. The auto was packed with homemade explosives and detonated near the gathering, said Hayatullah Amiri, the Khanabad district governor.

Since the Syrian civil war broke out in March 2011, more than 230,000 people have been killed. U.S. officials also have acknowledged that after the fight, which they said the Nusra Front lost, some members of the New Syrian Forces left the area and not all have been accounted for. The same Congress that approved US training of rebels in Syria will just as easily convene the next week to put sanctions on Russian Federation for supporting rebels in Ukraine.

Hundreds of Palestinians rallied at Dawabsheh’s funeral in Duma and called on militant factions to take revenge for the deaths.

Boehner pointed to some solutions he offered in May, where he outlined a plan to better coordinate commanders’ strategies with conditions on the ground, and improve relations with Islamic leaders to prevent further radicalization.

Saudis and Tunisians were among those targeted by the air strikes in the town of Qaryateyn in the southeastern countryside of the central province of Homs, said SANA. But McClatchy learned from other officials who asked to remain anonymous that about one-third have returned to Turkey, another third remain with Division 30, that 10 or so are missing and that a handful were killed in combat with Nusra. But after two weeks of golf, Obama is expected to return to the capital with a vengeance, pushing for congressional approval of the Iran nuclear deal, seeking a global climate change accord and working to wrap up a trade agreement with Pacific Rim nations.

No new information was available Saturday about Salopek’s fate.