Here is a report on ICIN’s aid to Iraq

ICIN Aid in Iraq

Over the last eighteen months ICIN has provided the following:

1. In response to the Dora Crisis, when over a thousand families were driven out of their homes and were left homeless, US$30,000 was granted through the Baghdad Bishop Committee (all denominations) mainly to provide shelter and food for displaced families in Baghdad.
2. Emergency Medical Aid, a program supervised by the Dominican Fathers in Baghdad: US$10,000.
3. Youth support program supervised by the Auxiliary Bishop of Baghdad: US$10,000.
4. Basma Bakery, a project in collaboration with a Swiss charity to establish a bakery providing subsidised or free bread for the poor displaced family in the Douhok area also providing some employment opportunities: US$13,000
5. Mosul and Northern Iraq to provide through the Bishop of Mosul and St Peter’s Church and Seminary, Fr Warda and Sisters aid to the displaced and needy families from Mosul: US$35,000
6. Medical aid to displaced families in Northern Iraq through Sr Farouz: US$11,000.

Total Aid to IRAQ US$ 109,000 (One Hundred and Nine Thousand US$ )

ICIN Aid to Iraqi refuges in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon

1- Aid in providing shelter, food and medical aid in Aleppo and Damascus through Bishop Audo and Bishop Yohan Ibrahim: US$ 30,000.
2- Fr Khalil Al Jaar (Messengers of Peace) aid to families in Jordan: US$ 20,000.
3- Aid to refugee families in Lebanon through Bishop Kassaji: US$10,000.
4- Saydnai Language course, Supervisor Fr Hani, US$ 22,000 (ongoing project costing US$10,000 every three months).
5- Damascus Widows program US$20,000 (ongoing project to support 10 families: US$10,000 every three months) under the supervision of Fr Hani and Shamass Jan.
6- Educational program of Student Sponsorship in Jordan, through Fr Khalil, sponsoring 60 students at different levels of education: US$20,845.
7- Summer Camp for 120 students, aged 8-13, in Syria: US$5,000. Supervised by Fr Toni and Shamass Jan.

Total Aid Iraqi Refuges US$ 127,845 (One hundred and twenty seven thousand US$)

ICIN Grand Total Aid
US$ 236,845 (two hundred and thirty six thousand and eight hundred and forty five US$)