Grant asylum to 28 Iraqi Christians held in U.S.

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Opinion: Why is Obama delaying decision on Iraqi Christians seeking asylum?
Once again President Obama and his regime show their true colors. Of all the people to cross into our country illegally via the wide open Southern border, 28 Iraqi Christians have requested asylum in the U.S. from the brutality of the Islamic State. These 28 Christians have been kept behind prison walls for months while Obama’s anti-Christian henchmen systematically invent reasons to deport them — 13 so far await being deported, by the way.
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So this corrupt regime under Obama, with his promise to fundamentally change America, is just doing what he promised to do by chastising Christianity on many occasions, including the instance where he compared so-called Christians during the Crusades to Islamic State’s murder of Christians.

And now he is following that up with denying safe harbor to Christians who were able to escape death from the hands of those torturing and killing in the name of Islam. Islam, which Obama claims to be one of the world’s great religions. And don’t forget his intent on giving Iran nuclear capabilities. You know, the country where they dance in the streets with chants of “Death to America.”

Michael McCloud

Whitehall Township