Glory to the sixty-third anniversary on the foundation of the General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq

14.jpgThe fourteenth of April 2011 marks the sixty-third anniversary on the foundation of our union, General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq. This year, as in previous years, we renew our determination to continue forward for the free and prosperous students’ life and a better future. On the 14th of April in 1948 our union was established by convening of Alsibaa conference, at a time of Iraq’s history which was characterized by an escalation of national struggle and striving to achieve democracy in the country. It was not therefore surprising that the conference was guarded by masses of people and toilers, and the conference was witnessed by a significant presence of patriotic intellectuals, and Iraqi democrats lead by the great poet Aljewahri.

The main lessons and basic values that have been learned from the conference was that rights and freedoms are taken and not given and that peaceful struggle by democratic means and from non-violence and non-extremism are able to achieve the greatest achievements.

Our union was, and will remain an integral part of the forces seeking to build a democratic Iraq, without it one cannot talk about the life of a student being free and healthy. On this basis, our union took part in all the struggles of the Iraqi national movement.

Over the years, our union became a real representative of the Iraqi student movement at the international, regional and Arab world student organizations and most recently participating at the World seventeenth Festival of Youth and Students in South Africa late last year, we are preparing now to participate in a strong delegation in solidarity to visit the youth and students of Egypt in from April 13 to 19 to support them.

Fellow … Colleagues.
Our celebration this year comes at a time in which there has been no progress in educational improvement in Iraq. It remains as it is, in terms of no modernizing of the curricula and no rehabilitation of buildings and dormitories and no laws which address the function of unions and students organizations. As well as the non-existence of a student’s election, with continues the repression and blunt action in terms of students’ freedoms… and the list goes on and on!

We have celebrated this year’s anniversary of the union, however the situation in the political arena witnessed a significant difficulty where the governments formation is not qualified to carry out its true role in the provision of services to the Iraqi people and despite the parliament was elected over a year but yet is unable to offer an alternative because of the abhorrent system of sectarian quotas. We have seen since then a number of intractable problems, the latest was a considerable denial imposed by the Iraqi government on the freedom of the masses of people to express their eagerness to reform the system by trying to prevent the peaceful protests in various ways which affected by arbitrary actions of our Union, more broadly, people were detained by government forces during the recent events, and without any legal justification, three of our fellow facebook activists among February’s group, were assaulted and brutally tortured, as well a few days ago our branch in Diwaniya province, was threaten of closure based on reasons we do not know.

While we condemn the attacks on civil liberties and the violations of public rights, we stress that intractable problems cannot be solved, but only by addressing the needs of the society, particularly the services and implementing political reform and public freedoms and to stands firmly against corruption and fight against unemployment, particularly among the youth and new graduates. It is not surprising that youth and students were the most active participants in the protests demonstration seen in Baghdad and the provinces. Youth concuss awareness and their vital ability to use the technique of social networking, with disappointments accumulation and absence of a promising future, and the frustration of universities educational situation level and current reality of internal freedom, which was taken into a state of anger, which finds its expression in the successive demonstrations events.

What we have seen in our country in recent weeks of the social mobility, is not far from what was happening in the rest of the region when the people of Tunisia and Egypt have managed in innovative ways, determination and courage of organizing protest against authoritarian regimes. These become an example model for their commitments and willingness to achieve popular gains.

While the majority of the people in the regions are continued their struggle for their legitimate demands, all of this happen as results of the popular movement of aspired youth for new life and to live well. While we affirm our solidarity with the protest movements of youth and student in its demands:

• To stop suppression of public freedoms and for drafting students and organisation union law.
• To fulfillment of electoral promises and to provide services provisions for students
• to carry out a comprehensive reform of the curricula, at different school levels and in line with the requirements of the present times.
• To rehabilitate the Iraqi universities and educational institutions and to strengthen its position and respect independence
• To provide employment opportunities for all graduates and to continue of their training after graduation for higher scientific and technological development.
• To reduce tuition fees for private and evening studies.


We look forward for your participation with our youth and students in their continued protests demonstrations in order to have our legitimate demands and to continue the protests until they are met.

Long live people struggle, youth and students for liberty, democracy and social justice.

Long live the struggle of the General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq.

Long live the sixty-third anniversary on the foundation of General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq.

Glory and eternity for the martyrs of the students and the patriotic movement

Executive Committee
General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq
Baghdad 11/ 4 / 2011