Gemayel Sounds the Alarm Against Oppressing Iraqi Christians

0.jpgPhalange Party leader Amin Gemayel on Thursday warned against an alleged “racial cleansing” campaign targeting Christians in Iraq since collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime in 2005.

Gemayel told a press conference at his residence in the mountain resort of Bekfaya the alleged campaign targeting Iraqi Christians is “part of a campaign to displace them similar to the displacing of Palestinians” by Israel.
Iraq’s Christians, he said, have provided the “first example of Charistian-Muslim coexistence.”

“What sparks suspicion is that the campaign of racial cleansing targeting Iraqi Christians is underway as the security situation in Iraq is achieving progress.”

“It is regretful that this campaign is underway while the new Iraqi regime and the American forces are watching,” he added.

Gemayel urged Lebanese spiritual leaders to form a joint delegation representing all sects to “travel to Iraq on a fact finding mission” and inspect the status of the Iraqi Christian community.

It is “Lebanon’s role to protect any oppressed minority,” Gemayel stressed.