Foundation of the “Syriac Federation Germany (HSA) – Press Release

suryoyo.gifHeilbronn, November, 20th 2007
On October, 3rd 2007, the convention for the foundation of the “Syriac Federation Germany (HSA)” took place in the rooms of the Mor Afrem church in Heilbronn, Germany. Delegates of twelve member organizations participated in this meeting for the election of the executive board and the committees. The newly founded “Syriac Federation Germany (HSA)” consists of 17 member organizations.

Member organizations:

St. Gabriel Gütersloh , SK Suryoye Heilbronn, Assyrisch-Deutscher Verein Paderborn, Assyrischer Kulturverein Gütersloh, Syrisch-Orthodoxer Kulturverein Hamburg, Suryoye Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bethnahrin Informations- – und Sozialbüro Augsburg , Tur Abdin Memmingen, Aramäer Heilbronn , Tur Abdin Kirchardt, Bethnahrin Kulturzentrum Gütersloh , Suryoye Tauberbischofsheim , Mesopotamien – Beth Zabday Kulturverein Pfullendorf, Suryoye Heidelberg –Sinsheim- Kirchardt, Aramäischer Sport- und Kulturverein Kirchardt, Tur Abdin Würzburg, Tur Abdin Delbrück.

After the greetings, the delegates introduced themselves. Again, they underlined, that the goal of the new federation is the unity of our people. All names of the Syriac people should be treated equal in future without making any differences. Afterwards the final statute was discussed. All change requests resulting from the first meeting in July were included and the minutes of the last meeting were read out. Both was unanimously accepted. Then, the delegates made a concept and a plan for the following six months.

Afterwards, the elections of the executive board of the federation took place. All important positions could be filled with competent persons.

The following persons were selected in the executive board and the committees.

1st Chairman: Saliba Joseph
2nd Chairman: Aziz Gergin

1st Treasurer: Bülent Mete
2nd Treasurer: Adam Ergün

1st Secretary: Yasmin Melke
2nd Secretary: Fadi Korkes

1st Sport: Circis Gök
2nd Sport: Gebro Mirza

1st Culture: Nuri Ayaz
2nd Culture: Melke Agirman

Media, Public Relation and youth:
Isoh Demir, Maria Maroge, Robert Demirel

Youth committee: Johannes Evis

1st Supervisory Board: Hazni Aydogdu
2nd Supervisory Board: George Aydin
3rd Supervisory board: Fahmi Onar

Cash auditor: Philipp Örüm, Isa Bisse

The principle of the “Syriac Federation Germany (HSA)” is the unity of our people. Furthermore the federation will cooperate with each institution of the Syriacs (Aramaen, Assyrian, Chaldean) , as far as the cooperation serves for the well-being of our people.

Saliba Joseph
Föderation Suryoye Deutschland
Frida Schuhmacher Str. 21
74078 Heilbronn/Germany

Tel: 0049(0)171- 2343694

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“Syriac Federation Germany (HSA)”

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