For a second time within few days an explosive device blasted targeting another house belong to christian family in Mosul – Mosul – Exclusive
An explosive device blasted yesterday evening, Tuesday the 5th of October 2010, in front of abandoned house belong to our people in Mosul causing material damages to the front part of the house. sources in the region said that a bomb exploded in front of a house located in Althakafa neighborhood in Mosul. The house belongs to a Christian family that had migrated to a safe region because of the many threats received from terrorist groups.
  The source added that the blast occurred at a distance only 3 meters away from one of the security checkpoints in an area where military forces and police intensifying their security measures.
  Similar explosion by an adhesive device occurred few days ago which targeted the house of one of our people in Alzuhoor district in Mosul. The attack caused the migration of three Christian families from the area where the explosion occurred.
  Observers believe that the groups and those who trying to displace Christians from Mosul are now using another Tactic. These groups which they used previously the killing, threats and abduction as a procedures to deport Christians from the region, they are now adopting another way by placing explosive devices near the houses of Christian people to scare them and force them to leave their houses and the city.