First Mass for Iraqi Christians Since Attack

ap_iraq_christians_caldean_church_20feb09_eng_4801.jpgIraqi Christians attended their first Sunday services since the deadly siege at a Baghdad church that left 58 people dead.
 A handful of worshipers gathered at the Chaldean Church of St. Joseph as security forces stood guard outside.
 The Roman Catholic church is not far from where members of an al-Qaida-linked group killed a priest and set off explosives in last Sunday’s bloody attack on the Our Lady of Salvation church during Mass.
 The Islamic State of Iraq has threatened more violence against Iraq’s Christians, but some worshipers said they have no plans to flee.
 One woman said she was not afraid, saying those who had died are now martyrs and saints.
 Meanwhile, Iraqi officials said two pro-government militia members were killed by a roadside bomb at a checkpoint near Samarra, north of Baghdad.
 Police in the northern city of Mosul said Sunday two soldiers died in an attack on an army checkpoint