Exclusive photos for Ankawa.com site: ISIS blowing the Grant Cross of the main interface of Mar Gorgis monastery and sweep away the cemetery

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Ankawa.com – Elias Saeed – Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
The militants of the terrorist State ISIS blew up the Grand Cross at the main interface of the monastery of Mar Gorgis in Mosul. At the same time, the terrorists used heavy bulldozers and shovelled the cemetery of the monastery. This was confirmed to our site by Dr Draid Hekmat Zuma, the advisor to the governor of Nineveh. Dr Zuma pointed out and said that this act comes within a series of other acts targeting religious places and urban Christianity in order to blur the religious identity. He added this is an extension for the terrorist’s acts to distort the historical identity of the city of Mosul.
Dr Zuma demanded from the international community a serious movement in order to stop these crimes which consider targeting the identity of the Christian component that has left his mark on the society of Mosul. He stressed that Mar Gorgis monastery consider as one of the Christianity most important urban and has been associated with a lot of memories for the Christians of Mosul.
It should be mentioned that the terrorist organization ISIS has removed several months ago the cross located on the main dome of the monastery. In addition, they converted the monastery into detention center to detain those who disagree with the policy of ISIS.
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