Europe shows support for Iraq’s Christians

Protests were organised in the cities of London in the United Kingdom and Halmstad in Sweden to condemn the targeting of Christians in the Iraqi city of Mosul, reported the Saudi newspaper Alsharq Alawsat yesterday.

In the British capital, dozens of Iraqis came from all over the country to join protesters gathered on Saturday in front of 10 Downing Street in central London.

The objective of the move, protesters told the London-based Arabic newspaper, is to urge the British prime minister to take immediate action to end the violence that Christians are subjected to in Iraq, particularly in Mosul.

In Halmstad, 450km south of Copenhagen, protesters also condemned the violent acts perpetrated against the Iraqi Christians.

According to Muhanad Aziz, secretary general of the Aramaean Club, which called for the protest, the organisers sent letters to the city council, the Swedish parliament and the European parliament, urging them to act against the killing and forced exodus of Christians in Iraq.