ermany Syriac Organizations condemn Turkish Ministry of Education

NEWSCENTRE (DİHA) – The Germany Syriac Organisations condemned the Turkish Ministry of Education due to discrimination and misleading information about Syriac People in the book of 10th grade.
The organization released a written press statement to draw attention on the mistakes in the book. Here is the press release as follows;

“The history textbooks prepared by the Turkish Ministry of Education for the 10th class and portrays the ‘Syriacs as traitors to the country’ has saddened us the Syriac People greatly. In the history textbook for the 10th class which is permitted by the Turkish Ministry of Education Teaching and Training Council to teach in 2009, there is misleading information about us. In the pages 65 and 66 of the textbook written by Vicdan Cazgır, Ä°lhan Genç, Mehmet Çelik, Celal Genç and Åženol Türedi and edited by Docent Dr. Osman Köse, in the text entitled the ‘Situation of the Syriacs in the Ottoman State’ the Syriac history is clearly misrepresented and contains statements that leave room for hatred and resentment. The Syriac history is written in an incomplete way far from being objective. We think that a greater respect ought to be offered to the Syriac history that has a past of around 5000 years in Anatolia and especially in the Middle East.

“Still preserving our good intentions we think that what is written in the history textbook was done outside the knowledge of the Minister of National Education. Therefore our request from the Minister of Education is that these textbooks to be removed immediately from the curriculum. If the Syriacs are to be introduced in the textbooks, we find this positive thing; but this ought to be done through Syriac People’s language, literature and culture and the Syriacs ought to be consulted on this. As a country we are going through a sensitive process. We see a need for positive focuses and approaches more than any time. Seeing a need for acting in common sense and responsible and in order to avoid negative conditionings we would like to announce this sensitivity of ours to the public opinion in the sense of positive contribution to the public perception. With our respect.”