wmanuel_qlita.jpgBy:Emanuel Kelaita
Date: Thursday, 6 December 2007, at 11:29 am
After my recent trips of the last six months to Syria, Jordan, UK, United States, Northern Iraq, Dubai, and Australia I came up with a very important conclusion that our nation is simply Bankrupt and we either have to announce our Bankruptcy and call for Chapter Eleven, or do something seriously about it.

We are the worst donators in the whole world because of our twisted mentality to start with by not trusting each other, enjoying Mirri O Mirrokh, very selfish, the most Hippocratic Christians in the world, always bragging about our ancient church and that we were the first Christians and that we are the descendents of those great two Empires Assyria and Babylon, we are full of false pride.

In order to progress and prosper, firstly we have to admit that we are Bankrupted Financially and that we are not only divided among ourselves but we hate each other denominationally and nationalistically.

Dear members of our “Great ChaldoAssyrian Nation”
Please leave aside your denominational arguments for the time being since our people back home in Bet Nahrain are living in dire conditions and desperately in need of your Moral and Financial Support not only for their Survival, but for their Future as well. Please donate GENEROUSLY and let our future generations tackle THE NAME ISSUE.

The Blessed Saint Mother Teresa said you should donate until it HURTS.

What it means is that if someone is getting in Diaspora $2000 a month, by donating $20 that is 1% from his monthly salary, it won’t hurt him at all but a $100 or $200 a month might hurt him a little.

I am sick, tired and ashamed of our people saying that if every Assyrian in Diaspora paid ONE dollar a month we could do miracles, this is pure nonsense and shameful, every salary earner could easily give $20 a month without getting hurt, then and only then we will be able to do MIRACLES back home without begging from any foreign body with Strings Attached.

Our total Diaspora population is approximately 400,000 people.

Salary earners would easily amount to 100,000 individuals multiplied by $20 a month, by 12 months it will amount to a good $24,000,000 million a year.

If we took 5000 individuals that can afford to pay easily a $100 per month that will amount to another $6,000,000 million a year.

Another 1000 people that can afford $250 a month that will amount to another $3,000,000 Million a year.

Another 200 people that can afford $500 a month that will amount to $1,200,000 per year.

Another 50 millionaires who can easily afford to pay $1000 a month that will amount to another $600,000 per year.

Total amount would come up to $34,800,000 Million a year

If every one of us was honest enough with his REAL INCOME and would donate 1% of his income our total figure could easily double to $69,600,000 Million a year. SURPRISED?

If we were SERIOUSLY CONCERNED about the future of our nation then we should do it according to Mother Teresa’s theory, which is 5% of our income and in the process getting a little hurt and that would amount to $348,000,000 Million per year.

If we were as half as nationalistic as the Jews in the way of raising money then the figure would easily double to 698,000,000 million dollars per year. Then we could easily “Impose Assyria on the World Map”

By only reserving 10% of our yearly total budget for defense purposes “if needed” we could come up with 15,000 Qrawtaneh at an average of $350 per month plus their food and accommodation.

It is never too late, we could start in January2008 by the end of 2012 we would have collected 3,490,000,000 BILLION dollars.

Would we need any foreign help? The answer is simply “NO”

WAKE UP PEOPLE this is not a fantasy, this is a fact, with realistic and factual figures.

Be honest and start donating 1% of your TRUE monthly income for the greatest cause ever “Towards the Survival of our Nation” and please stop showing your nationalism behind your computers WAKE UP, it is as simple as 2 + 2.

Start tomorrow, go to your local bank, ask for an order form sign it for 1% of your TRUE MONTHLY INCOME it is very simple, and you won’t feel it, plus there is a good chance that GOD will reward you many folds. This might be your best lifetime investment plan that you have ever made.

Another thing that you could also do, is to cancel all your unnecessary gifts for “THIS CHRISTMAS” and that would amount to a good $500 per salary earner, multiply that by 100.000 individuals and surprisingly that would amount to another $50,000,000 extra millions “This Year Alone” Do it Now.

Imagine the satisfaction that this will bring to you personally, to your dear family members, and to our brothers and sisters in Bet Nahrain, wouldn’t that be awesome? Isn’t that a worthwhile cause?

Imagine when this takes place all the clubs and organizations in Diaspora would have to stop immediately in calling for donation announcements, no more clapping, you could sit and enjoy your party without those interruptions and nationalistic speeches asking and embarrassing you for a donation, no more of that, just sit relax and enjoy your meal and dancing.

Please watch the video posted by Mr. Albert Michael about the Assyrian Aid Society’s accomplishments during the last fifteen years in Iraq with only $500,000 a year. Imagine of what would be the results with $500,000,000 a year, simply we would accomplish a thousand times better.

Our nation has always been very negative in every aspect of our daily life, always complaining and blaming the rest of the world for our own misfortunes, for once let us stop blaming the Americans, the Kurdish Regional Government, and others, why should they help us or anyone else for that matter, we were never beggars, we should have pride and help ourselves.

From today start thinking POSITIVELY and your best example should always be Israel an island sort of a country, surrounded by many enemies trying to wipe her of the map or thro her in the Mediterranean, instead it has not only survived but has become one of the strongest nations in the Middle East and can defend itself very well, because every Jew in the world donates VERY HEAVILY all the time to his nation Israel and without ever complaining or asking some of our stupid questions such as, how do we know that the money is going for the right cause, or in the right hands. This is a negative approach and an ill thinking attitude, simply because we don’t trust anyone anymore, and finally we are defeating the cause itself.

Start immediately in changing your attitude from a negative to POSITIVE.

Remember always that those people who are working in those organizations such as AAS are not only volunteers but risking their necks as well, while I and you are enjoying the comfort of the west.

Emanuel Kelaita
President of the AAS – UK

For more information please contact Assyrian Aid Society – Australia:
Adsen Iesho : 0400 017 898
Shoushan Tower: +61 2 9564 3668

For details and donations within Australia, please contact Adsen Iesho from the Assyrian Aid Society – Australia