Duhuk events are negative indications for Christians, Assyrian Movement

0512111250182.jpgARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: A leader at the Assyrian Democratic Movement described the recent violent events in Duhuk province as “negative indicator for the Christian presence in the province”.

Michael Benyamin of Zaho Assyrian Democratic Movement pointed that that “these actions will negatively affect the democratic process in Kurdistan”, pointing that “the Christians are changing views thatKurdistanis a safe haven for them”.

He expressed astonishment on the security forces stands on the even where “they became just spectators, which matter needs governmental answers”.

Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani stressed, from Zakho town, the necessity to preserve the dominance of law, pointing that the investigations are going on in the last 2-day events.

In a speech before Zakho citizens, he confirmed that “no one or part is permitted to incite the people to commit violent actions inKurdistan”.

President Barzani, who arrived in Zakho this morning, confirmed that the investigations are underway.

Sources in the town said that the visit was expected to counter the tense situation there, following last Friday action to burn beverages stores and the Islamic Party headquarters.

Three hotels, Chinese spa and more than ten stores were burnt by hundreds of protestors who claimed that these places undertake illegal and immoral activities.

The riots moved to Duhuk city where some tourist casinos were burnt.

Security forces were scattered all over the province.

These attacks stirred certain fears among the Christians and Izidis who trade in such works and commodities.