Doctors of the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) Rescue Team help in Kurdistan Region

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Three doctors of the Polish Centre for International Aid Rescue Team are helping the emergency department of the Rozh Halat hospital in Erbil.
Polish doctors (psychiatrist, paediatrician, orthopaedist and anaesthesiologist) of the PCPM Rescue Team are supporting their colleagues of the emergency hospital in the centre of Erbil. They are treating Iraqi refugees in need as well as local community. They also provided the hospital with a necessary medical equipment. In addition, the team is planning to visit and exam the Syrian refugees staying in the refugee camps.
The project is implemented in cooperation with the Barzani Foundation (Barzani Charity Foundation) – an UNCHR partner directly involved in the operation of the refugee camps in Kurdistan.
The involvement of the Polish Centre for International Aid is also the result of the campaign launched by KRG representative office in Poland that continues to report the humanitarian crisis in the Kurdistan Region, as well as the appeal of the KRG Representative, Ziyad Raoof, who called for helping those in need. In January KRG office in Poland created a platform to coordinate activities of all organisations and institutions, which assist refugees in Kurdistan.
Two more Polish organisations have already announced that they will start their project in the Region, as well.