Despite the promises of Nejervani Barazani to stop the project of four towers, Ashurban Company proceeds with the implementation – Ankawa – Exclusive
The organizers of the four towers carried out by Ashurban Company proceeded to install the borders to begin the implementation. The project was approved by the municipality of the city of Ankawa despite the promises made by Nejervani Barazani to stop this project and terminate its presence in the region. The promises were made during the last meeting of Nejervani with the leaders of the Christian parties.
A reliable source said to the site of that the company began using the equipments to prepare the land in order to start the building, and a banner was fixed indicating the name of the project. site made several telephone calls to the municipality but failed to get an interview in this regard.
During the recent meeting held by Nejervani Barazani, the candidate for prime minister to the Kurdish Government, with the leaders of Christian Parties and Christian Organizations, he agreed to their request and desire to terminate the project and promised to stop it once and for all.
The project has faced since its inception a wide popular rejection by the inhabitants of the town which they considered it as abuse to the privacy of Ankawa and its people. Therefore, they sent a memorandum to the authority declaring their complete rejection of the project. This rejection was supported by the church, parties and organizations working in the region.