Denouncing statement condemn the criminal activities against our minorities

 Recently, the news stated that there’s an assassinations and threatens operations against our minorities people from the Christians in Mosul city , led to the martyrdom of many of them. In addition, terrorists have intensified their threatens to the others and their families, what made them and their families to leave their places and look for another safe areas. So that we condemn and denounce those terrorist activities, and call for all our Iraqi people to unified, reform and stand shoulder by shoulder to face those dirty – criminal terrorist activities. And support the national union and country protection as a whole one part our nation’s of the Mesopotamia people and support our sisters and brother from the Assyrians and Kildanians Christians all. Also we consider the Iraqi central and local government full and directly responsible in providing the security and safe atmosphere for all people, ensure the free of working and practicing their rituals , and also we call for the government to the general investigation to track the those terrorists and whom they represent and bring them to justice.

Down with terrorism
Long live our great Iraqi people
 International Coordination Comittee
Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation & Iraqi General Students Union – Republic of Iraq