Declaration on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the foundation of

  Chaldoassyrian Students and Youth Union

The 5th of December 2009 is the rising of the 18th anniversary of the foundation of our union, the Chaldoassyrian Students and youth, the union which started on that date of the year 1991 as a necessity of the developments which took place after March Uprising of the same year and what resulted on the level of nation work and as a determinism result to frame and lead the struggle of our students at universities, institutes and secondary schools which expanded for centuries.
  Since its foundation, our union worked hard to spread national awareness among a section of students and youth and defend their rights and solve the obstacles which they face by submitting moral and material support according to possible abilities, and our union, during its march, was able to build active young cadres and push them into the national work march.
  Today the occasion returns while our union knows completely the mass of challenges and difficulties which face our students and youth and urge them to insist to continue their scientific and practical lives in spite of the hard difficulties which our country faces in general and a variety of crisis in political, economical, health aspects which aim the Iraqi students and youth in general and chaldoassyrian as special by threats and assassinating and bombing scientific and educational institutions.
  By the time we value the bringing out the election law in Iraq and granting Quota for our nation in spite of the few seats allocated and neglecting the counting of voters to those seats. We take opportunity to request our people, inside and outside the country, to participate actively in these elections.
  We, hereby, ask the concerned authorities to understand the rights of our students and youth and their problems and their daily suffering and provide them all that may develop their daily lives and studies . We confirm that our cadres and members on the other hand are asked to work hard to establish developmental , promotional projects that serves the students and youth and develop their qualifications to continue their scientific and practical march . At the same time we’ll continue supporting Syriac education action and we’ like to congratulate Syriac school students by this great achievements and we ask the ministers who are concerned to open departments of Syriac language in Iraqi and Kurdistan universities and not to be limited to Baghdad university only.
  We’d like, on this occasion, to confirm that our nation would not give up the demands of our students to establish cultural and educational institutions in their living areas, and at the same time asking the government and other concerned authorities to establish a university and institutions in the plains of Nineveh because they are considered to be national projects.
We’d like to congratulate ourselves and supporters on the 18th anniversary of the foundation of our union.
Glory and honor for the immortals Sameer and peres martyrs of our union and all the martyrs.
Free and respectable life for all the people in the country

The executive committee
  Chaldoassyrian Students and youth Union
  5th, December, 2009