Declaration of the Second Meeting of the Heads and Leaders of Political Parties and our People’s Organizations

December 4, 2010
Continuing our joint work nationally, the Assyrian Universal Alliance hosted the second meeting of Parties and National Institutions of our Chaldean, Syriac Assyrian people in Ainkawa/Erbil, on 4 December 2010.

The conference attendees discussed at length many aspects and important related questions of our people and their legitimate rights in their historic homeland and ways to confront campaigns aimed at uprooting them from the land of the forefathers, displacing them abroad through criminal and terrorist operations and suspicious foreign agendas seeking to empty Iraq of one of its main component and one of its fundamental social structures. This was amid a positive and constructive atmosphere that expressed the shared high sense of responsibility and eagerness of all parties to consolidate efforts.

The meeting came up with the following decisions and recommendations:

– Demand the development of a province for the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac people in the Nineveh Plain in which they would constitute the majority of the population, along with the rest of the brothers from the other national and religious components.

– Value and respond favorably to the invitation of the Council of Heads of Christian Denominations in Iraq for an expanded meeting with the other political influences of our people, outlining the conditions experienced by our people.

– Emphasis the importance of holding a comprehensive national conference that invites all the national and religious entities at home and abroad.
– Request the implementation of Article (35) of the Kurdistan Region draft, concerning granting autonomy to our people after a referendum.

– Address the remaining issues on the abuse of land and property of our people, those that were abused the areas of the Kurdistan region, and to work on achieving a full national partnership.

– Form a committee consisting of our parties and national institutions, in order to pursue the decisions and recommendations of the meeting.

Parties, political, and national institutions that participated in the meeting:
1. Assyrian Universal Alliance
2. Assyrian Democratic Movement
3. The Assyrian Chaldean Syriac National Council
4. Chaldean Democratic Party
5. Assyrian American National Federation
6. Assyrian National Party
7. Chaldean National Council
8. Assyrian General Conference
9. Chaldean Democratic Forum
10. Beth Nahrain Democratic Party
11. Syriac Independent Assembly
12. Assyrian Democratic Movement
13. Assyrian Democratic Organization
14. Beth Nahrain National Union
15. ChaldoAshur Organization of the Communist Party of Kurdistan
16. Chaldean Culture Society