Death to ‘Slaves of the Cross’ Funded by American Taxpayers, Courtesy of the Obama Administration

By Bethany Blankley , CP Op-Ed Contributor
Bethany Blankley is a conservative political analyst and columnist who regularly appears on Fox News Radio.
Four years after the Arab Spring, taxpaying Americans continue to fund ethnic and religious cleansing throughout the Middle East, thanks to President Obama’s subversive strategy to spread Islam.

The Eastern Mediterranean region, known as the Levant, was the birthplace of Christianity. Initially, Christ followers called themselves “The Way” (in Arabic “Ahl-Al-Deen”) before they were known as Christians (John 14; Acts 9, 14, 24). Alexandria, Antioch, and Constantinople were all meccas of Christian scholarship. Christian trade centers included Jerusalem, Gaza, Caesarea, and Beirut and Christians lived peacefully throughout Ethiopia, Yemen, and Persia (Iraq and Iran).

Yet today, numerous organizations claim that within our lifetime Christians will no longer exist in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria.

Although Christians have been targeted and killed by Islamists since Islam’s introduction in 610, what the world is witnessing on television and the Internet directly results from the 2010 Arab Spring uprisings supported by the Obama Administration.

After the deposition of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia, Egyptian Hosni Mubarak was deposed and imprisoned. The Muslim Brotherhood grew in power, which they had sought since 1928. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s response justifying regime change, was that “it was the process that matters, not the ideologies of those taking part… Along the way we trained and gave guidance to the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist candidates in the electioneering process.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The usurpers’ ideology did matter; it still does. According to El Fegr leaflets like “An Urgent and Important Notice,” are frequently circulated in Egypt. They urge “all brothers and sisters” to “kill or physically attack the enemies of the religion of Allah—the Christians in all of Egypt’s provinces, the slaves of the Cross, Allah’s curse upon them…” Eradicating Coptic Christians in Suez, Ismailia, and Upper Egypt is Islamic duty. Understood among Egyptians, “Return to the Truth” refers to Christian genocide: those who don’t convert or accept their dhimmi status (Qur’an 9:9) must die.

By 2011, churches, buildings, homes, monasteries, convents, schools, and businesses of Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical Christians were repeatedly burned and attacked. When Christians protested in response, the Egyptian military fired on them in the streets of Alexandria.

In August 2011, President Obama declared that Syria’s President Assad “step aside” for the “sake of the Syrian people.” He suggested a “moderate democratic rebel” movement could overthrow Assad. However, there was no such “moderate democratic rebel” group in Syria—or anywhere else.
The Obama Administration knew this, which is why American agencies cobbled together the “Free Syrian Army” and the “Syrian National Council” from groups based in Turkey. These fighters were brutal, radical, anti-democratic Islamist sectarians. Financially backed by the U.S., U.K., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey they were marketed as the conduit for “political change” in Syria.

By January 2012, the CIA was involved in shipping arms to Syrian rebels and providing them with “communications assistance.” President Obama refused to launch air strikes in March. By October 2012, the U.S. dispatched 150 troops to Jordan’s border to “aid the refugees,” yet they were actually there to train insurgents.

Despite Secretary Clinton claiming that the U.S. was “certainly planning to take action” if WMDs were used, and President Obama’s “red line” stance, once it was proved in 2013 that Syria had used chemical weapons, no such action took place.

As could be expected, the result is catastrophic: 13 million Syrians refugees, hundreds of thousands dead, and Syria’s economic structure is ruined. As recently as August 2014, ISIS continues to mass execute Syrian government fighters.

Christians, recently ten percent of Syria’s population, were now fleeing after their churches, priests, monks and nuns were burned. In May 2012 the last Christian in Homs, Syria was killed, an 84 year-old man who couldn’t leave his home. A town of 160,000 is now desolate. By May 2013, Christian Solidarity International declared Christian genocide was rampant in Syria and Egypt. As recently as March 2014, the Turkish government aided Al-Nusra to overrun the predominately Armenian town of Kessab in Lattakia Governate, eradicating Christians.

President Obama remained silent about this and the non-existent “democratic transition,” he had claimed would take place three years prior. Instead, Syrian sectarian violence seamlessly spilled into Iraq.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (Muslim Brotherhood spinoffs) took over North-eastern Syria and northern Iraq. President Obama called these groups “junior league,” knowing they were coordinating with the CIA and Sunni-backed Free Syrian Army and Syrian National Council to overthrow Iraq’s existing Shiite-based democratic government—the very government the Bush Administration had helped pub in place.

Mosul Iraq, in the Nineveh Province was one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, initially converted by Jonah. Today, only the heads of Iraqi Christian children remain, posted on spikes in a park. In Afghanistan, a land where Jesus’s apostle “Doubting” Thomas had first brought Christianity, conversion to Christianity is now illegal. Afghanistan’s Islamic Republic does not recognize Christians as citizens, and as of March 2014 no churches exist in Afghanistan.

Despite what would seem as a colossal failure ($6 trillion spent on regime changes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria), in July 2014, President Obama asked Congress to authorize $500M to increase support for “moderate” and “appropriately vetted” Syrian rebels—within the context of a $1.5B “regional stability initiative.”

Yet asking was a formality. In 2012 President Obama sent $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood, going around Congress, after they halted aid to Egypt. This action alone is an impeachable and treasonous offense.

President Obama’s silence about Christian genocide is deafening. He may quip, “the world has always been messy.” However—this is not inept leadership failure. This is classic Taqiyya. Like any “good” Muslim, he knows exterminating Christians and initiating Jihad-driven chaos is precisely what the Qur’an commands. He has succeeded at achieving both—under the guise of “having no real strategy.”

Six trillion dollars on regime change isn’t about regime change at all. Christian genocide in Libya spread to Egypt, which spread to Syria, which spread to Afghanistan and Iraq. Christians in Lebanon and Jordan will be next.

As long as American taxpayers continuously fail to hold the President and “do-nothing” Congress accountable, the blood of Christians, decapitated journalists and aid workers will be on their hands.