Crossed Strings Author: Amal Radwan (Palestinian poet)

  • Written by:

Translator: Hassan Hegazy (Egypt)
Our names carried us to the depths of unknown reproducing..
We; an idea of a certain creation formed in the womb of the hope?!
We look carefully at the shadows of God that are covering the seas of senses;
Perplexed by the waves of fear.. inclining
and with worn heavy exhaustion
Among the bends of sorrow and the fragments of joy
Leaning on the backs of silence
Scraping sleeping wounds / to spread the dark of pain as milk
Loved and adored by the ink of yearning
The boats of our dreams are reeling.. dazed
Scattered by hunger of the storms of the infidel time,
And in swirls with hollow letters
With the dim of the faint beating light
painting ourselves stories twisting sorrow and pain
In the cage of the innocence
For a moment;
We glimpse smiles sipping tears
Seeping a dismayed confusion
From the holes of heart flowing light,
For a second;
Halos from the books of days are twisting
Forming a questionable foam on the forehead of seasons
We get into the bowels of the age lustily
The fingers of April are playing us a lie
On the crossed chords of memory and
Forgetfulness !