Council calls for feedback on Assyrian memorial


The emotional debate for and against the Assyrian Genocide Memorial monument has continued this week.

Fairfield Council has called for community feedback on the monument proposed for Edensor Park.

The council’s cultural development policy adviser, Tiffany Lee-Shoy, said residents wanting to have their say either for or against the memorial “need to use the correct channels to have their voices heard”.

Ms Lee-Shoy also said key stakeholder groups in the Bonnyrigg and Edensor Park community had been consulted but individual households had not been notified directly.

“There was no letterbox drop as we felt this was not the most effective way to communicate with residents,” she said.

“This is a completely open process and we don’t want people to feel we’re neglecting them or their point of view.”

6520151.jpgThe community consultation period will end on Friday.

All responses from the community will be collated and assessed by council staff before a report is prepared for the councillors.

Plans to build the monument opposite Bonnyrigg Park were spearheaded by the Assyrian Universal Alliance earlier this year.

The proposed memorial statue, to be built on the corner of Smithfield Road and Elizabeth Drive, would stand 4.5metres tall.

The best way to lodge your view is to go to and click on the green ”Have Your Say” button. Then click on the Community Consultations, Workshops or Public Forums link to either read the full consultation paper or lodge an objection or feedback.

Smithfield MP Ninos Khoshaba comments: ”Earlier this year, I was approached by the Assyrian Universal Alliance and other members of the Assyrian community requesting assistance in gaining official recognition of the Assyrian genocide in NSW.

”I have raised a notice of motion in Parliament in order to recognise the Assyrian genocide and condemn all other acts of genocide, which I hope to debate early next year.

”While this is a council issue, I believe it’s a sign of

peace condemning all acts of genocide and I have no

problem supporting the proposed memorial or any other

future projects promoting peace.”


Councillors Anwar Khoshaba, Albert Mooshi and Sam Yousif declared a non-significant, non-pecuniary interest in the matter of the Assyrian Genocide Memorial at last month’s Fairfield Council Services Committee meeting.

All three councillors said they had “a very close relationship with the Assyrian Alliance”, the organisation

which proposed the memorial monument. Each councillor stated the relationship would “not influence my

decision, as there is no pecuniary interest in relation to this matter”.

According to the LGA Conflict of Interest Provisions Guidelines and Examples: March 2007 a conflict of

interest is present “when an affected person or person closely associated with an affected person will enjoy or

have a reasonable expectation of enjoying a benefit or will suffer or have a reasonable expectation of

suffering a detriment if the matter is decided in a particular manner”.