Condemnation of recent acts of violence in Baghdad

On behalf of the Iraqi American Community in Houston, we strongly condemn the heinous crime committed by criminal savages on Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad on Sunday October 31, 2010. Our heartfelt condolences and sympathy goes to the victim’s families and friends for their terrible loss. Some of the families and friends are among us in Houston and we offer them a special condolences and God’s blessing for the victim’s souls.

What makes this crime so heinous, barbaric and savage is that it was committed on a Sunday Mass, in a House of God, on peaceful people who were performing their religious duties to their creator. The first to fall victims were the two priests conducting the Mass, then the men, women and even children followed. May God bless the soul of all the victims and give their families and friends the strength to endure in these difficult times.

We also strongly condemn the barbaric crimes committed thereafter on other locations in Baghdad on Tuesday November 2, 2010 where men, women and children fell victims to bombing and ruthless attacks by lawless criminal thugs that are bent on destroying the fabric of the Iraqi society. We offer our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to these victim’s families and friends as well and may God bless their soul.

We hope and pray that these barbaric attacks do not happen again and that the perpetrators are caught and punished for their murderous acts. Let’s all be vigilant and show our solidarity with each other during this difficult and challenging time, and God bless.

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