Community asks for support of Christians in Iraq

CTV Windsor: Rally for peace
Members of the Windsor Iraqi community take to the streets to offer support. Stefanie Masotti reports.
As tensions grow in the Middle East, Iraqi Canadians living in Windsor are also in a constant state of worry.

They fear their loved ones back home may not survive the current crisis.

On Sunday, they took to the streets in peace as the United Nations says more than 1.5 million religious minorities have been forced to flee their homes in Iraq.

Windsor’s Iraqi community says they can’t stay on the sidelines watching the violence in their homeland, so hundreds of members of the Chaldean Catholic Church marched in support.

“We need support from all governments. Not only Canada, but the U.S. and Europe,” says Yazi Kiya.

Kiya left Iraq seven years ago.

She says her brother and extended family are at risk.

“At first he said they were a lot of guns, because he lives near a police office. He said when there was a small chance, he left the house walking.”

Now she is pleading to help all religious minorities overseas.

“We support all people, not only Christians.”

Government officials were on hand to also show their support .

“It does not matter what religion you are, you cannot accept the killing of the innocent,” says MP Brian Masse.

Along with $5 million, Canada has sent two planes carrying weapons and other supplies overseas.

Chaldean Christians aren’t the only religious group in Windsor applauding the government for its efforts.

Assyrian Christians also held a peaceful protest at city hall.

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