Communities’ Delegation Asks For Protection of Christian Properties in Turkey

christian-property1.jpgBy Stella Tsolakidou
A delegation formed by members of the Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC), the Australian Hellenic Council (AHC) and the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) visited the Australian Parliament to inform the MPs of the “pillage of the Christian Church’s property in Turkey”. Moreover, the joint delegation asked once again for the parliamentarian recognition of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocides.

The representatives visited the offices of several MPs, with whom they discussed the recent voting passed by the US Congress. According to this voting, the USA is calling on the Republic of Turkey to return the properties of the churches and monasteries that had been confiscated from 1914-1924.

During the meetings, the representatives of the three communities presented an information package on the current state of the Church properties in Turkey, according to which, many of these have become mosques, barns, storehouses or have been completely destroyed.

“The recognition of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocides from the Australian Parliament would be welcomed to end the ongoing destruction of our religious monuments in Turkey”, commented Ninos Aaron, a representative of the Assyrian community.

Giorgos Vellis, Coordinator of the AHC, said that the three communities are asking for the same rights Turkey is practicing with the protection of its Ottoman monuments in south-eastern Europe.