Committees’ Objectives and Features

August 16, 2009

1. Creation a committee in each of the major specialties among Iraqi American academic and professional community (IAAPC).
2. Creation of similar committees among Iraqi Academic and professional community (IAPC)
3. Naming a coordinator to each of the committees.
4. The two committees shall connect through their coordinators
5. To get to know each other shall make direct communication between the specialists smooth and strengthen their friendship.
6. The IAPC coordinator presents the difficulties and needs in Iraq within his/her committee specialty
7. The IAAPC committee shall try to address the needs of the IAPC committee
8. The IAAPC shall contribute to strategic planning to upgrade and develop their specialty
9. Both committees shall work under the umbrella of the Cultural Office in Washington
10. All activities and recommendations shall be forwarded to the ministry of higher education in Iraq to consider implementation.

1. The project gives the IAAPC the feeling of satisfaction and pride in helping their colleagues among IAPC in their specialty.
2. Raises morale and expectations of the IAPC and strengthen friendship with IAAPC.
3. The project does not require lots on money, at this stage, as it is email based.
4. Needs not more than one hour per week of the member’s time
5. Contributes directly in upgrading the specialty in Iraq
6. Contributes to supporting the well being of Iraqis at large
7. Transparent activities as activities or data may be available to the members at request.

Dr. A Hadi Al Khalili, MD
Cultural Attaché,
Washington, DC


1.      Economics

2.      Chemical engineering:

3.      Political science

  4.      Education

5.      Biotechnology

6.      Civil engineering,

7.      Radiolodiagnosis

8.      Urology

9.      Psychiatry psychology

10.  Heritage

11.  Physics         

12.  Pediatrics

13.  Dental:

14.  Math/Statistics

15.  Pathology:

16.  Pharmacology 

17.  Geology:

18.  Cardiology

19.  Cancer/blood disorder 

20.  Social sciences

21.  Mechanical engineering

22.  Surgery

23.  Biology


AUGUST 16, 2009

24.  Arabic Language

25.  Environmental Engineering

26.  Information Technology

27.  Law

28.  Ophthalmology

29.  Business and Admistration 

30.  Electrical Engineering

31.  Electronic Engineering

32.  Internal Medicine

33.  Neurosciences

34.  Art

35.  English Language