Clash between Al-Sotoro and Asayish in Al-Qameshly

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January 12, 2016 Comments Off on Clash between Al-Sotoro and Asayish in Al-Qameshly
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights were informed by several reliable sources that a fighter from the Protection Office Forces “Al-Sotoro” was killed after an attempt by the Kurdish internal security forces “Asayish” to remove a checkpoint for Al-Sotoro forces and al-Jazira Protection Forces in the middle area of Al-Qameshly city which is inhabited by Christian citizens, also another fighter was seriously injured, in addition to the injury of several Asayish fighters too, the reliable sources also reported that Al-Sotoro set the checkpoints in the area after the bombings that targeted the central area and elsewhere Al-Qameshly downtown at the 30th of December 2015, which killed 18 people including a citizen woman and wounded tens of others.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Sotoro forces is divided into two divisions, the first one which is in the self-management areas is part of The Syrian Democratic Forces which also includes The People’s Defense Units (YPG) and The Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), Jaysh al-Thuwar, the Factions of Borkan al-Furat Operation Room, al-Sanadid Forces and The gathering of al- Jazira Brigades, and the second part is not part of The Syrian Democratic Forces and that the killed Sotoro fighter is from the second part.