Christians subjected to genocide in Iraq, Egypt: official

28146b0b4f36876231a31e4efadb1.jpegAngry Coptic Christians clashed with police on Sunday as they demanded more protection for Egypt’s Christians following a New Year’s Day church bombing.
AMR ABDALLAH DALSH/REUTERSAssociated PressBEIRUT—Extremist groups are waging a “genocide” against Christians in the Middle East, a former Lebanese president said Monday after a New Year’s suicide bombing of a church in Egypt killed 21 people.
Amin Gemayel, a Christian who served a six-year term as president in the 1980s, cited the attack in Egypt and recent violence in Iraq as he urged leaders to give Christian communities a larger political role.
“Massacres are taking place for no reason and without any justification against Christians. It is only because they are Christians,” said Gemayel, who leads Lebanon’s right-wing Christian Phalange party.
“What is happening to Christians is a genocide,” he said.
Lebanon, which experienced a ruinous 15-year civil war, in part between Muslims and Christians, that left about 150,000 dead, is deeply divided along sectarian lines. Christians make up about 40 per cent of Lebanon’s four million people and the country is the only Arab nation with a Christian head of state.
The Phalange party, which was founded in 1936 by Gemayel’s father, Pierre, fought heavily on the Christian side during Lebanon’s 1975-90 civil war. Militias linked to the party carried out the notorious massacres of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in 1982.
Egyptian police are focusing their investigation into the New Year’s suicide bombing on a group of Islamic hard-liners inspired by Al Qaeda and based in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria. Scores of Iraqi Christians have been killed in the past months at the hands of extremists as well–christians-subjected-to-genocide-in-iraq-egypt-official