Christians of Mosul in Iraqi Novel

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Asharq Al-Awsat
The inner courtyard of Mar Matti, a 1600-year-old monastery on Mount Alfaf, near Mosul, Iraq
Beirut-Naufal House of Publishing and “Hachette Antoine” for Publishing have issued “Yuliana,” a novel by Iraqi writer Nizar Abdul Sattar. The book is composed of 256 pages and talks about a story that took place between Keremlis and Mosul in 1929-1987.

The novel tells the story of Jejo and Hanna’s daughter who maintain their religious approach and committed behavior till they meet Saint Yuliana who helped them find the path of love in their spirits.

Abdul Sattar dedicated the book to the Christians of Iraq, who were driven out of Mosul in 2014, saying that they are an integral part of the main structure of the Iraqi entity and identity.
From the book’s presentation:

“Yuliana is not really a woman and not just a saint. She is a city and a conscience. She is the silent power who speaks when she has to and deliberately chooses people who she talks to.”

“Yuliana” is a magical novel from the reality that features the story of a small forgotten city and two generations. In his book, the writer focuses on comparing the past and the present of Iraq and particularly its Christian community.