Christians in Dohuk try to promote their faith

getarticleimageservlet.jpgBahnam Nissan arranges books at his bookstore which contains thousand copies of Holy Bible. GLOBE PHOTO/Khidhr Domle
By Khidhr Domle
The Kurdish Globe

Christian bookstore opened in Dohuk to spread the message of love.

More than thousand copies of the Holly Bible are available in Bahnam Nissan’s bookstore in Dohuk city. Nissan says his bookshop remarkable place to hold discussions about religion and tolerance.

“Peace, peace, peace?if they knew the leader of peace, they wouldn’t commit all these crimes against the innocent people.” This is how Bahnam Nissan, a Christian bookshop keeper proudly started his speech in his small bookstore called the Holy Book in the central of Duhok city.

Nissan described those who commit crimes against innocent people far away from the peaceful domain of the Holy Book. He said that he has been practicing this job in his bookstore that tries to spread the culture of love and peace which is the message of the Christ.

The bookstore of Holy Book is located in downtown Duhok, a city well-known for its tolerant attitude towards various religious sects like Muslims, Christians and Yezidis. Bahnam said if people listened to the message of the ‘leader of peace’, they would never try to fight one another.

“They would never kill each other, and our sons and daughters would never be targeted for violence or be kidnapped. The bookstore aims to spread the culture of peace and love which indeed causes relaxation for people”, said Nissan, who was sitting in front of an ornamented painting on the wall in which two ladies embraced a child.

Recently, Duhok received more than 400 Christian families who forcefully migrated from the Iraqi city of Mosul after they had been targeted for threats and violence in October. At least 10000 Christians were given refuge in cities across Kurdistan region.

“Souls change when you read the Holy Book, spirits relax and will revivify by spreading the love of Christ”, Bahnam Nissan tried to explain.

Bahnam said that while Christians in Dohuk freely exercise their religious duties and spread the culture of Christ, Christians in other Iraqi areas such as in Mosul are being worked against and threatened to leave their birth places.

The bookstore receives hundreds of visitors every week. Nissan said that many educated people come to borrow books and start discussions in his bookstore.

“Some of them faithfully believe in Christ who is the holder of message of peace but indeed it doesn’t mean that these people have converted to Christianity”.

Praising the religious tolerance in the city Nissan said that the fact that Christians have a bookstore of their own where they not only can practice their faith freely but also propagate and publicize is evidence of a free and democratic culture in Kurdistan.

Nissan said although his people are banished from their own lands, Christians have never been interested in retaliation and war.

“Hundreds of Christian families are still coming into the cities of Kurdistan Region from Mosul and they are unable to return to Mosul. As far as there is violence, reading the Holy Bible is the best thing”, said Nissan.

The bookstore aims to spread the message of Christianity and it offers more than one thousand copies of Holy Books free of charge. There are also special CDs that contain stories from Holy Bible, also free of charge.

The Angelic Church is the official sponsor of the bookstore.

“The visitors are increasing by each day,” Nissan said with a big smile on his face.