Christian militias help fight ISIS into retreat in Iraq

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Badaneh was liberated on September 1, the NPU said.
Christian militias are playing a hard-core role in the fightback against Islamic State as the Iraqi Army gears up to retake Mosul.
The militias, with some of their weaponry supplied by US pastors and other supporters, are aiding the slow but steady erosion of the territories captured by the Islamist terror group.

Already, some Christian leaders in the area are starting to discuss the post-ISIS settlement.

Christian Today reported that the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU) had driven Islamic State out of Badaneh, a traditional Christian Assyrian vilage south of Mosul on 1 September

“Liberation of Badanah village in #Khazer axis by NPU warriors with the support of international coalition by airstrikes, heavy and middle weapons” said a statement from the NPU, which posted videos and photos to its Facebook page.

Badanah fell to ISIS in 2014 along with a number of towns, cities and villages in the Nineveh Plains. The Islamist invasion has resulted in a catastrophic decline in the region’s Christians with many having fled the country. Rape, murder and torture has been inflicted with savage cruelty on the region’s Christian and Yazidi populations, as well as on Muslims who attempt to resist the extremists.

Maps showing advance of the fight against Islamic State in Iraq.

The conservative website Mad World News reported the NPU as “Christian crusaders”.

Militia commander Bahnam Abush told media in Iraqi: “The operation is a step towards restoration of their confidence and hopes for Christians to stay in the land of their grandparents.”