Christian charity restores hope to displaced Iraqi Christians who lost everything

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ruth-gledhill Ruth Gledhill Christian Today Contributing Editor 14 September 2016
A Christian prays for victims of a suicide car bomb attack in Karrada, Baghdad in July.
Thousands of displaced Christians in Iraq are being helped to rebuild their lives by a leading Christian charity.

International Christian Concern is reporting how it has helped families rebuild lives and businesses destroyed by Islamic State.

The terrorists captured Iraq’s largest Christian city, Qaraqosh in 2014, forcing families to forsake their homes, jobs and possessions as they fled to safety.

While some found sanctuary in Erbil, they struggled to survive because they lacked the means to make a fresh start.

Hakim, who had previously run his own aluminum shop, said: “It was hard to rent tools whenever I was in need. Also I wasn’t able to rent a shop because I didn’t own the tools.” He is starting again from scratch. He said: “Erbil is unlike Qaraqosh, I used to have good reputation in Qaraqosh and people trusted me there. I have to build the same trust here.”

Ahmed needed an industrial whisk to open a new bakery in Erbil.

Amira, a widow, lacked tools she needed for her beauty business.

International Christian Concern provided cash through its Community Rebuild Fund to buy the tools all three families needed and also helped find them new premises.

All three men can now feed their parents, children, and spouses, save money and develop relationships with their new neighbours.

Hakim said: “Even with all we went through, God used this to lead us to come to know good people like you and your organisation.”

Ahmed said: “Your organisation did not know me, but you decided to help me. It’s really a blessing to come to know kind people.”

Amira said: “This project will help me also to stay connected with people. I found a source of income through the project and also a way to spend time with women because I am lonely widow.”