Chaldean Numerology – The Ancient Spiritual Science Of Number Divination

2612049_orig1.jpgOne of the most mysterious and mystical schools of number symbolism is Chaldean Numerology. This style of working with the hidden meanings of the numbers is a popular favorite among professional numerologists and mystics alike because of the sheer depth of wisdom and power it possesses. Working with Chaldean Numerology allows a person to translate letters found in names and titles into numbers so that the hidden energy of words can be defined. This is by far one of the most accurate forms of name numerology, and one that has proven itself for thousands of years.

One of the main reasons why people choose Chaldean Numerology over other forms of Numerology like Pythagorean, Western, or Chinese is that it simply works. The Chaldean seers had a clear and profound understanding of the power of sound, and they were able to apply this wisdom to the style of numerology and nomenology they practiced.

Because there are so many kinds of ways to work with the number symbols, many people aren’t sure whether to study the more complex Chaldean Numerology, or to settle for the basics of Western Pythagorean Numerology. In my opinion, it’s worth the extra effort to study the Eastern styles, although a person could easily begin with Western in order to easily create a foundation for further learning.

Although some forms of Chaldean Numerology do focus on the esoteric and mystical meanings of the numbers, most of its power lies in how letters and sounds are translated into numbers for a reading. There are two ways that we do this when working in the Eastern style:

Convert each letter into a number using a key
  Convert specific sounds and syllables into numbers based on how they sound and how they resonate

Naturally, the first option is easiest and fastest while the second option requires the numerologist to have a profound and deep connection with the process in order to do it properly. There are so many languages, accents, and linguistic nuances on the planet that it really takes a keen ear and a sensitive intuition to pick up on the vibrations in a name that need to be translated into numbers. I believe that most numerologists work with the letter to number translation while a few still use the sound to number translation. In either case, you will surely find that using either method within the Chaldean Numerology system is far more accurate than nay other on the planet.

Here is the translation key for Chaldean Numerology based on the American English alphabet…