Chaldean federation had a dinner for the minister of immigration on July this year

image730011.jpgOn July 23rd 2010 Ms. Maria Vamvakinou, Federal Labour member for Calwell, hosted a dinner dance with the Australian Chaldean Federation – Victoria, which celebrated the 5th anniversary of the federation’s establishment at Brookwood Reception Centre. Guest of honour was Senator Chris Evans Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. Other distinguished guests included:

• Father Maher Gargis – Representative from the Lady Guardian of Plants Chaldean church and Archbishop Gabrael Kassab
• Mr. Jose Alvarez, State director department of immigration and citizenship – Victoria
• Councillor Geoff Porter – Mayor for Hume city council
• Councillor Vic Dougall – Merri ward, Hume city council
• Councillor John Kavanagh – Representative for Moreland city council
• Representatives from MRC North West
• Representatives from Spectrum
• Representatives from our community’s associations
• Committee Members of the Australian Chaldean federation
• Representatives of International Chaldean Writers.

This ceremony involved of reading speeches, singing and traditional Chaldean dances by a selection of singers and musical band members.

The program was in the order indicated below:

1 – Welcome to all guests and the audience by ceremony MC, Mr. Michael Hozi and Ms. Helene Georgis.
2 – The Australian National Anthem.
3 – Speech of the Australian Chaldean Federation by Mr. Louie Josef.
4 – Statement by Ms. Maria Vamvakinou Federal Member for Calwell.
5 – Speech by Senator Chris Evans Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.
6 – Speech by the International Chaldean Writers by Mr. Nasir Sadiq.

During his speech Committee Secretary Louie Josef spoke about the history of the native nation of Mesopotamia and difficulties the society faces. Thousands of Iraqi Christians have been displaced as a result of wars and conflicts in the region. Many of these people have sought refuge in countries like Australia, where they go on to become contributing and valued members of the society. More than 200 people attended the event which celebrated all aspects of the Chaldean culture and its integration into multicultural Australia.
Then Mr Yohanna Bidawid Public Coordinator of the Federation provided a summary explanation of enhanced slideshow images on the history of Chaldean civilization, as well as some of the activities of the Australian Chaldean Federation since their arrival.
Then Mr. Saad Toma advisor of the Chaldean federation invited the Minister to attend to the stage to receive a commemorative gift of the Australian Chaldean Federation represents the Chaldean as an emerging community into the Australian Society, given to by Mr. George Dawood, president of the Australian Chaldean federation.
Later all guests were invited to participate to cut a big cake prepared for this occasion with the Minister and then taken several photos in this occasion.