CHAK demands the immediate release of its members arrested

by the Asayish in Sulemani
The Kurdish Asayish (Kurdish security forces) in Slemani arrested several members of CHAK organisation for issuing a public statement condemning the continuing Turkish and Iranian bombardment of Kurdistan. Sulemani is controlled by the Iraqi president’s political group, the PUK, and the Asayish of Slemani belongs to PUK.
The arrested activists are: Mohammad Bakr, Karwan Salar, Taha Serspi, Mesture Mohammad and Hemin Hamaali. They are in prison without any legal orders based on any violations of security. The behaviour of Asayish staff against the detainees has not been good.
The CHAK members were detained, by Asayish in the city of Sulemani, for condemning the Turkish and Iranian bombardment. Those activists wrote a statement, wherein they condemning the bombardment against Kurdish civilian villagers and demanded immediate stop of the bombardment. Their guilt was only the distribution of the statement among ordinary people in Sulemani. The Kurdish Regional Government proclaiming democracy, but arresting people on a single statement unlawfully!
After the detentions CHAK issued a statement condemning the detention of the members in a public statement, and asked the Slemany Asayish to release the detainees immediately, but we are still waiting without any result.
CHAK is worried on the life of these members and there can be unjust acquisitions and sentences, as CHAK knows the non-independency of the Kurdish courts.
We ask all human rights activists and organizations to press the Kurdish Regional Government to release these human rights activists immediately.
CHAK is preparing for large protests across the world by different democratic means, should these members are not released soon.

The Canter of Halabja against Anfal and Genocide of the Kurds (CHAK)