Caritas: 100 displaced Iraqi Christians resort to Jordan everyday

  • Written by: – Amman – Translated By Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
The Director of “Caritas Jordan”, Wael Suleiman, said, the numbers of the displaced Iraqi Christians who the institution of Caritas provides them with care are continuously increasing. He added, the number reached 4300 and everyday 100-120 Iraqi arriving Queen Alia Airport coming from Erbil.

Suleiman said, about 20% of the displaced Christian people are coming from Mosul, 75% from Nineveh Plain and 5% from Baghdad. He pointed out that these numbers are distributed to churches In Naour, Marka, Alzarqa and the Church of our Lady of Peace, and they were transferred to houses in Amman and the other future coming refugees will be hosted in Irbid, the Fort, Shatna and Alfahais.
Suleiman added the period of staying of the displaced Iraqi people in Jordan may become lengthily. This is because they have applied for asylum at the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and given appointments to discuss their situation next April.

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