British Ex-Soldier Training Assyrians in Kurdistan Region

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Alan Duncan says foreign fighters “lift the spirits” by joining fight against Islamic State
Basnews | Luke Coleman
Alan Duncan fighting in northern Iraq
In an interview with BBC radio, an ex-soldier from Scotland has spoken of his experiences helping to train Assyrian militias in northern Iraq.
Alan Duncan said that he has joined the fight against Islamic State (IS) because people in the Middle East haven’t been well enough supported, and foreign volunteers are welcomed.

The former Royal Irish regiment soldier said, “I wear the Union Jack on my uniform. The others wear their flags and what have you. It actually lifts the spirit of the people. They kind of feel that, just seeing us foreigners here, it lifts their spirits. They feel that they have been abandoned by the West.”

Calling the threat posed by IS as the worst facing the world since the Nazis, Duncan warned, “It’s not only the Western hostages being killed and murdered by them. That’s happening 100 times a day here to the Kurdish people, to the Christians.”

The British government has urged people not to travel to join the conflict in Iraq and Syria.