Breaking News: Washington, DC

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We have just received word from Steve Oshana, our lobbyist in Washington, that the National Defense Authorization Act, containing the provision for local security in the Nineveh Plains, has passed the Senate with an overwhelming majority.
We spoke with Steve by phone as he left the Capitol building and he expressed his gratitude to all the people at A Demand for Action who made this possible:

”This is by far the greatest legislative achievement by and for our people, and we are proud of every person who rejected the politics of division that have been crippled our nation for years and got behind this effort.”

ADFA founder Nuri Kino is also very happy:

”This bill, along with all our endeavours, proves that keeping an open mind, and being utterly dedicated will always prevail. We will never give in to the politics of the past: we will never allow hatred and pettiness to get in the way of progress, and we will never stop demanding action.”

Steve Oshana about the implementation:

”To fully realize the benefits of this legislation our political parties will have to work together with the Iraqi and American governments to show they are willing and able to secure the Plains. I cannot answer questions about troops and training as I am not a military expert, but ultimately everything hinges on how well our people are able to work together.”

Kinos also has a message to the brave young people in Iraq:

”We celebrate this achievement with a heavy heart, knowing that at this very moment, brave young men and women risk life and limb in the defense of our ancient traditions.


”We have endured endless suffering at the hands of those who seek to destroy our very existence. The fact that we have endured for centuries through this cycle of Genocide is a testament to the spirit of our people. We have heard the cries of our martyrs and are prepared to defend our right to exist in our homeland.”
Nuri Kino
Founder and President

A Demand For Action