Breaking news, this morning The Church and the Christian houses attacked by stones in the town of Almansoria – Almansoria – Rivan Al-Hakim
Shomuel Georges, the Mokhtar in Almansoria town, 15 kilometers from Duhok, said that more than 100 persons attacked by stones the Assyrian church of Mar Daniel in the town at 10 this morning, Saturday 3rd of December.
Georges said in his report to the site of, the chaotic people, most of them youths were continued to throw the church and some Christian houses by stones this morning until the security forces came and dispersed them.
Georges said the area surrounding the church is still surrounded by the police and security guards for protection from further attack.
The sources of in Almansoria said most of those who attacked the church and the houses are school students instigated by the teachers of the school. delegate could not take any photograph in Almansoria because was prevented by the security forces.
About 180 Christian families are living in Almansoria compound.