Breaking news: The government complex of Nineveh Province became under the control of Daash and dozens of Christian families left their homes – Mosul – Exclusive
Unprecedented wave of displacement occurred in Mosul with dozens of Christian families left their homes on Tuesday morning and there was news about the fall of the government complex, including the building of Nineveh Province, by the militants of Daash. Also, the broadcast of the local TV channels interrupted and stopped while the government armed forces, Nineveh Operation Command, withdrew without resistance towards the left hand side of the city. Thus, the right hand side part of the city became completely on Monday evening under the control of Daash.
The forces of Daash penetrated through the districts of the Porsa, Alfarook Street and the approaches of Alsaa and its churches in the light of the withdrawal of the security forces and their retreat. Daash forces moved toward the building of Nineveh Province, Nineveh Operation Command and the square security box. The attacking forces burned government department and building, including the Nationality building.