Breaking news: dismantling of a third car bomb was prepared to explode near the Assyrian Church of Mar Georges in Kirkuk –Kirkuk- Exclusive
The features of the latest terrorist attack against the Christian churches in Kirkuk began this Tuesday morning. These attacks became more and more apparent from the frequency of information coming from there. According to informed sources in Kirkuk that reported to the site of, the terrorists wanted today the bombing of three churches at the same time.
The sources said the third church that was a target by a car bomb at the same time with the other churches is the Eastern Assyrian Church of St. Georges which located in Almass area in the city.
The sources added, the terrorists parked the car bomb, that dismantled by the security forces, at the back of the church near the school attached to the church because they failed to parked it directly in front of the church.
The sources confirmed that a joint Iraqi and US forces discovered the presence of the car and defused the explosive that were inside before burning it.
The Church of the Holy Family of Syriac Catholic was attacked this morning by a car bomb. The attack resulted in wounding dozens of people by various injuries, including a baby and the priest of the church. The blast caused great damages to the building of the church and the nearby buildings and houses. In addition, the security forces were able to dismantle a third car bomb that was intended to explode in front of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the area of Almass.