Bing praises Chaldean merchants

Santiago Esparza / The Detroit NewsSouthfield — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing met with Chaldean business owners today and praised their entrepreneurial spirit.
“I do respect your community very much,” he told about 125 members of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce at the Regency Manor and Banquet Center in Southfield. “You have made an imprint on the City of Detroit like almost no other community.”

Bing told the crowd he didn’t know how many Chaldean owned or operated businesses there were in the city, but that there were many of them and they were often overlooked.
“Too often the small- and medium-sized businesses get put on the back burner,” Bing said, promising his administration would work to change that practice.
Martin Manna, the chamber’s executive director, praised Bing and introduced him at the luncheon.
“He’s brought a renewed sense of hope to the City of Detroit,” Manna said. “There are good things to come.”

From The Detroit News: