Baghdad bishop criticizes Iraqi parliament, international community as persecution continues

Chaldean Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni of Baghdad criticized a decision by the Iraqi parliament on Monday to reduce the number of seats reserved for minorities, including Christians. Thirteen seats had been set aside for Christians in the 440-member parliament; the vote reduced that number to three.

Blasting the ‘European Union, the United States, the parliament and the international community, all of whom stood by without raising a finger to help,’ Bishop Warduni provided details of recent incidents of the persecution of Christians in Iraq. ‘In October, in Mosul alone, 2,500 families were forced to flee, 14 people were killed, and three homes destroyed. Despite all of this, there are some small signs of hope: thanks to police and army intervention the situation has changed and over the past few days over 500 families have returned to the city, while others are preparing to return.’