Bagdad Christian attacks: elderly victims buried

The funeral has been held in Baghdad of the elderly couple who died in wave of attacks on the homes of minority Christians.
Mourners gathered in the Chaldean Catholic Church of St George to pay their respects to 80-year-old Fawzi Ibrahim and his 76-year-old wife Janet.
At least 16 other people were injured.
No one has admitted being behind the bombings.
But al-Qaeda-linked Islamic militants, who attacked a cathedral in October and killed 50, warned at the time of more to come.
The co-ordinated attacks began early in the evening in six locations around the Iraqi capital.
The worst was in the neighbourhood of al-Ghadir, where many Christians live.
The elderly couple lived on the ground floor of a house near the seat of the explosion.
Since the cathedral atrocity in October, many Christians have left Bagdad and sought safety in the more-secure Kurdish north, or even abroad.