Attacks on Christians continue – Church bombed in Mosul

The violent attacks on Assyrian Chaldean Christians in the north-Iraqi
 town of Mosul continue. Information received by the Society for Threatened
Peoples (GfbV) show that in spite of the top security level for Christian
 institutions the Maskanta church in the south of the town was bombed on
 Tuesday. The door of the church was destroyed but nobody was hurt. In the
 previous two weeks at least twelve Christians have been murdered.

By Wednesday evening 2351 Christian families had fled from Mosul as a
 result of the planned terror against members of their religious community
 according to information received from the Christian Minister of Finance
 of the autonomous north-Iraqi federal state of Kurdistan, Sarkis Agajan.
 They have been seeking refuge in villages and small towns on the nearby
 Nineveh Plains and in Iraqi Kurdistan. In the Nineveh Plains the
 Christians, together with the Moslem and Yezidi Kurds and the small ethnic
 group of the Shabak, make up the majority of the population.

It has been reported in the media that on Wednesday the second-in-command
 of the terror network Al Kaida, the Moroccan Abu Kaswarah, was killed in
 an exchange of fire between US troops and Al Kaida units. Four members of
 the terror group “Islamic State of Iraq” have been arrested by the Iraqi
 police. They are charged with being responsible for attacks on Christians
 in Mosul, stated General Khalid Abdul Sattar, the official speaker of the
 Iraqi army in Mosul.