At her anniversary day Dignity like bread, a right to survive

While everyone is preparing themselves to celebrate the Woman’s International Day , I was thinking about the most important thing a woman needs to live a decent life , to feel about her existence and to feel that she is a human being , could have all her rights , equal and fair opportunities with a man .
What a woman needs to celebrate her day? it’s her day, a day that she celebrates; it is useless that others celebrate such day and she totally does not taste the sweetness of that day or truly live with it!
I strongly believe that what a women needs before bread to survive , and before love to enjoy life is dignity.
Few days ago the wide cyber world brought us a video showing us a girl is tortured under the title “a girl is tortured after killing a men of religion rapping her in Al-Kut province) A number of humiliating shots appears in the film.
I asked number of friends and civic activists in Al-Kut about this film and they all deny such incident, and nobody in the province have heard about such story, I can’t prove with evidence that story elsewhere.
It really hurts to see our women and girls experiencing different forms of terror and violence , and it also hurts to see our governmental departments conducting such actions , as the film indicates that the torture occurred at a police station by a person wearing police uniform.
The most key question is why this film?
Does he shot this film just to show violence against women? or he wants to claim the right of this girl ? If so, we are the first who will support and stand with him, but we need an evidence. If his purpose is as aforementioned , we ask for evidences to defend that girl , but if Al-Kut citizens say that this girl is not from Al-Kut , then the person who shot and published this film shall present a proof for his claim , including time , date , name of murdered person , and names of persons conduct the torture , for we just saw shades not clear pictures .
If he did not submit the above required, it seems that this person wants to violate women sanctity. We strongly reject to humiliate women, or to be used as a tool to achieve certain evil purposes.
Every body arouse a case should support it with strong evidences, especially when such case is related to women issues. I believe it’s not fair to use women injustice as a tool to achieve evil intentions.
Woman dignity is a dire need and what always we seek, whether in here private or public own world. we want her to be strong, respectful and honored in her house, as our prophet “Peace be upon him “said Best is the best to his family and I’m the best for my family. We want her a leader in both her private and public own world. as our prophet “PBUH “wants her when he said (women are the whole sisters of men, and he brought up his companions at that time, that women are partners of men in all aspects of life. We shall maintain and sustain her dignity , she should not stand in queues before State departments or charity institutions to receive a salary , subsidy or and aid to keep her children barely alive , she should not beg others for basic life needs , she should receive everything with dignity and respect ,while she is home .
She should feel proud everywhere, honorable and held her head high as she walks in the society, with no fear or terror, sadness or a backbite that makes her stumble or falling down. We are so interested that she will have an equal opportunity with man in all aspects of life, for dignity is the only thing that determines such matters not bread. I ‘m well aware about what dignity means to a woman , and I will spare no effort to defend this dignity all my life , and keep such thing before me till the end of my life , in her anniversary day I will learn and teach her how to find her dignity . This gifted dignity, which is granted by the laws of heaven as human beings. This dignity that donated by the heaven, but was stolen by the laws of earth, which it described her a second –class citizen, and classified her as a creature created for the happiness of another creature.
I’m oblique to return back to the girl story (Tortured girl) to ask anyone who has a case to defend woman rights or issues and he/she truly wants present her something good for her sake, shall contact our organization for we may defend woman’s dignity, and shall present all supportive materials or evidences.
We wish woman all happiness and goodness across the world in this day , and to gain back her full dignity.