Assyrians in Australia Need You to Join in the Effort to Stop Bloodshed Against Assyrians of Iraq

Dear respected members in the Australian Parliament

I am compelled to write to you to convey our serious concern of the Assyrian community in Australia for the injustices perpetrated against innocent Assyrians in Iraq, who are suffering terribly at the hands of the Islamic extremists. Assyrians of Iraq are being intimidated, threatened, forced out of their homes and killed simply because they are Christians and the indigenous people of Iraq. The world must not stand by and watch.

During the last week over 3000 people fled their homes and more that twenty youth were killed.

We want to see the Australian Government stand for their cause in the international arena and advocate for a solution for them.

We seek your help to convey our distress over this matter to The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Kevin Rudd and to The Hon. Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs and encourage them to publicly address this issue as soon as possible.
Please refere to the attached letter sent to the Prime Minister .

Thank you very much for your time and your consideration, we hope to hear from you soon

Sincerely Yours

Hermiz Shahen

Hermiz Shahen
Deputy Secretary General, Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA)
Regional Secretary, AUA in Australia and New Zealand
 Mobile: 0407 235349

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