Assyrian priest to accompany President Gul

President Gul’s invitation to his trip to Sweden an honor for us, said Cetin, Spiritual Leader of Assyrian Orthodox Community in Turkey


The Spiritual Leader of the Assyrian Orthodox Community and Deputy Patriarch Metropolitan, Yusuf Cetin will join Turkish President Abdullah Gul in an upcoming visit to Sweden.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Cetin underlined that President Gul’s invitation to him for visiting Sweden together was a matter of “honor and joy” for the Assyrian community.
This is the first time in the history of the Republic of Turkey that an Assyrian Metropolitan would join a Turkish president during a trip overseas, Cetin stressed.
Touching on the Mor Gabriel Monastery, Cetin said that they wanted the issue of the monastery to be solved as early as possible.
“Mor Gabriel Monastery is to us what Mecca and Madina are to the Muslims,” Cetin also said.
President Gul will pay a formal visit to Sweden on March 10. There are around 150,000 Assyrians living in Sweden.
Meanwhile, Assyrians living in Sweden extended support to the “solution process” in Turkey.
Deputy Chairperson of the Union of European Assyrians, Neriman Ozgun said that “when terror in the region ended, the number of Turks returning back to their homeland and villages will increase”.
“We support the solution process in Turkey and expect the Turkish government to overcome all historic problems,” Ozgun also said.
Chairman of the Swedish Assyrian Federation, Kenan Anter underlined that there were a high number of positive changes taking place in Turkey.
“Surely, there are still certain things lacking in Turkey. We make requests to overcome the deficiencies,” Anter noted.
Chairman of the Executive Board of Mor Afren Assyrian Orthodox Church, Fuad Adis of Mardin province said that there was a large number of Assyrians returning to Midyat town of Mardin province to repair and restore their homes.
“A high number of Assyrians choose Turkey for their vacations,” Adis also said.

Reporting by Andac Hongur–assyrian-priest-to-accompany-president-gul-in-sweden